Hello OSDU Members,

With the proviso that the OSDU website is currently experiencing technical difficulty and this information can not be posted for a few more days, I Urge you to please pass this information along to your students as soon as possible.

Also please note at this time we hope each school who attends will be able to send a chaperone, however the OSDU board will be voting soon on the chaperoning plan for this event. In the mean time, please encourage your students to apply through the information below, and we will provide an update with our decision for how chaperoning will work.  Thank you!

This is a message to inform you that the OSDU application process to attend the 2016 National Seminar is now open. In order to attend, you must have students fill out the 2016 National Seminar Application, after which time a panel of board members will review the applications and select a pool of students based on who we feel will be a strong representative of Ontario's debate program, and who demonstrates eagerness to learn debate, and bring the skills they will learn back to debate.

The national seminar is meant for debaters who will be in Grades 9, 10 or 11 in the fall, and who are looking to be future leaders in debate at their schools, or in Ontario. This is NOT a competitive tournament, while awards are given out based on performance and character/spirit, there is no competitive tournament with released tabs, it is a learning opportunity. Students from across the country will attend in English, French, or Bilingual debate categories. The event spans 6 days (including travel), and includes sight seeing, collaboration and teamwork, model parliament, debate, and workshops - it is a great opportunity.

The event details are:
Dates: October 26 - 31, 2016 - note this MAY conflict with the Ontario Oxford Cup qualifier for 2016, this is not a big issue as most students competing at oxford are older students who are more experienced, we are looking for a group of younger, eager debaters who are willing to learn for the national seminar. Please consider this in advance. The OSDU board will be releasing the full debate schedule for 2016-2017 in the next month or two.

Location: Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

The attached application must be returned to me at n.laura.ratti@gmail.com by May 15th, at noon. The panel will release our decisions by May 20th, and students will have two weeks to register for the event if they are selected.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let me know,

All the best,
Nicole Ratti

Ontario Student Debating Union