2017 OSDU Senior Provincial Championships

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PLEASE NOTE: This invitation applies only to those debaters that have qualified through their appropriate OSDU Regional Qualifier tournament. Please contact your appropriate Regional Coordinator for more information.   

Invitation to 2017 OSDU Provincial Championships

The Ontario Student Debating Union and Lisgar Collegiate Institute are pleased to invite you to the 2017 OSDU Provincial Championships to be held in Ottawa from February 24th - February 26th 2017.  Only teams that qualified through Regional Qualifier Tournaments are eligible to attend this event.  The top six (or more) English teams will qualify for the National Championship to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia from April 20th-23rd, 2017.  The top bilingual teams will qualify for the French nationals, to be held at the same time.

This year’s provincial tournament will feature 6 rounds of debate, semi-finals and finals, as well as a banquet dinner, all meals included, accommodations in the beautiful Novotel Ottawa, and the opportunity to socialize with debaters from around the province, so get ready for a fun-filled weekend!

Completed Registration and payment must be completed by January 23rd, 2017

Complete registration includes:

  1. A completed online registration form by January 23, 2017.
  2. Signed Waiver 
  3. Signed Code of Conduct 
  4. Registration fees (cheques) in the amount of: 
    • $340.00 per person (double occupancy) 
    • $490 per person (single occupancy) 

Cheques must be made payable to the "Ontario Student Debating Union" by January 23, 2017. 

NOTE: All students and adults not on the OSDU Board must pay registration fees. 

Please mail items #2, #3 and #4 to: 

Ontario Student Debating Union
P.O. Box 47100 Dundas Sq P.O. PO
Toronto, ON
M5B 0A1


FILE: OSDU 2017 Senior Provincial Championship Invitation


Please note that the fee of $340.00 PER PERSON (ADULTS AND STUDENTS) covers the hotel, all meals, and all events during the weekend. Participation in all events, staying at the hotel, and full payment of the registration fee are mandatory for all debaters and chaperones.

Each region may send a designated number of teams who qualified through a regional tournament.  The number of teams is allocated based on the number of schools registered with OSDU in that region.  The number of teams (school pairs) allocated per region is as follows:


Central Western Ontario Region:        2
Toronto:                                                12                                               
Peel:                                                      6
York:                                                      5
Halton-Hamilton:                                  6                                
GPR + St. Lawrence:                            2
Ottawa                                                  5

Specified with participating schools

Style and Topic

There will be two rounds of prepared debate and four rounds of impromptu debate.  The two prepared rounds will take place on Friday, while the four impromptu rounds will take place on Saturday. Semi final and final rounds will take place on Sunday morning.  All debates will follow the Canadian National Debate Format.  Each team will debate BOTH sides of the prepared resolution.

The prepared resolution is:

"This House Supports a national referendum on electoral reform” 

Please note, it is expected that this house will be Canada for this debate. Additionally, this debate is not meant to focus on what form of election would best replace the First Past the Post system, but this debate is instead about the merits or downfalls of a national referendum to decide it.

All the best, and I look forward to seeing you in Ottawa!


Nicole Ratti
(OSDU President, Tournament Director) 

Important Information

  • You MUST debate with the partner you debated with at regionals; you cannot change your team between regionals and provincials.  Hybrid teams are not allowed.
  • Students are responsible for their own travel to and from the event.
  • All tournament delegates MUST stay at the tournament hotel.  DO NOT call to book your own room.  OSDU has already booked enough rooms for all the delegates.  The tournament registration fee covers all hotel costs.
  •  We will assign two students of the same gender from different regions to each double-occupancy suite.  Adult delegates’ rooms will be located near students’ rooms. If there is a specific reason why two debate partners must room together (legislated by your school, etc.) please include this clearly in your registration form. This must be due to a legitimate reason, not simply wanting to room with your partner.
  • Students attending the OSDU Provincials must have a chaperone which is approved of by their home school. This can be a teacher, parent, regional coordinator, etc. however school approval and knowledge of the event is mandatory, and it is expected and mandatory that teams will be accompanied by a fully registered chaperone.
  • All meals (Friday dinner, hot breakfast on Saturday, hot lunch on Saturday, snacks on Saturday, dinner Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday) will be provided.
  • All delegates MUST participate in all scheduled events over the weekend.
  • Students and adults will likely be walking from the hotel to the school and back.  All transportation within the event will be covered, however transportation to and from the event is your own responsibility. Please ensure you bring winter-appropriate footwear for the 15 minute walk to the school. We are happy to accommodate mobility needs, and therefore if you are not comfortable with this walk, please let us know.
  • All tournament activities should be completed by 1:30pm on Sunday February 28th (NB lunch is not provided).


  • Arrival and registration for the Provincial Championships will take place from 2:00pm – 3:30pm at the Novotel Ottawa, which is located at 33 Nicholas St, Ottawa ON K1N 9M7
  • Please note that the banquet dinner on Saturday will require formal attire. Please no denim. 

All participants MUST sign and submit the following documents prior to participating in the 2017 OSDU Senior Provincial Championship tournament: 

  1. Consent to Participation, Waiver of Rights, Liability Release and Insurance Agreement

  2. Ontario Student Debating Union 2017 Provincial Championship Student Code of Conduct