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2016 Thornhill Secondary School Debate Society Debating Tournament

  • Thornhill Secondary School 167 Dudley Ave Markham, Ontario, L3T 2E5 Canada (map)

Thornhill Secondary School Debate Society
2016 Senior Debate Tournament

Dear OSDU Members, Coaches & Students, 

OSDU is happy to pass on the following debate tournament invitation from Thornhill Secondary School Debate Society: 

"Dear Debaters, Coaches and Judges

The Thornhill Secondary School Debate Society is excited to welcome you to the 13th Annual Thornhill Debate Tournament. The tournament will take place at Thornhill Secondary School (167 Dudley Ave., L3T 2E5) on Friday, November 18th and Saturday November 19th.

We believe that this tournament will prove a valuable experience for debaters of all levels looking to perfect their debating skills and form long-lasting connections with fellow debaters; and we hope that you will join us for this exciting event.

Included in this document, please find registration forms, important details regarding the format and schedule of the tournament, and other noteworthy information. We encourage you to fill out the registration details as soon as possible to reserve your school room at our tournament.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at


Alyssa Rusonik & Melissa Giblon
Tournament Directors

Ritika Chaudhary
Staff Advisor


Each team is guaranteed five rounds of debate (two on Friday and three on Saturday, including a hidden quarter-final), with additional semi-final and final rounds on Saturday, based on team performance in the preliminary rounds.

All rounds will be debated in Canadian Parliamentary Style. A prepared resolution will be debated on Friday evening, with each team having the opportunity to be both Government and Opposition in successive rounds. The resolutions for the three remaining rounds will be straight/impromptu. Teams will receive the resolution and their position (Government or Opposition) 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the round in order to prepare their arguments.

Prepared Resolution:

TH, as Colombia, would reject the country’s referendum, which voted against the government’s peace deal with FARC, and implement the deal anyways.


The Thornhill Debate Society is pleased to announce that we will provide all attendees of our tournament with three meals: dinner (on Friday), and breakfast and lunch (on Saturday). Though beverages will also be available throughout the tournament, we encourage all participants to bring their own reusable water bottles and make use of Thornhill’s numerous water fountains. Any dietary restrictions or allergies should be noted on the registration form (on subsequent pages).


The registration fee is $100 per team ($50 per debater). This includes five guaranteed rounds of debate, as well as three meals and beverages. Registration information must be emailed to the tournament directors no later than Monday, November 14th, 2016. Please see the attached registration form.

Please note that as per Thornhill Secondary School policy, schools must have staff supervision to be able to attend this tournament. Any schools without supervision will not be allowed to participate.

Cheques must be made out to Thornhill Secondary School and may be sent through regular or courier mail to:

Thornhill Secondary School Debating Union
c/o Ms. Chaudhary
167 Dudley Ave.
Thornhill, Ontario
L3T 2E5

Team Cap & Judging Requirements: 

There is a limit of eight teams per school. However, if your school wishes to bring more teams, please contact the tournament directors and your requests will be taken into consideration. Each school must bring at least one judge for every two teams. Judges may be teachers, administrators, debate coaches or experienced/graduated debaters. Our aim is to provide panel judging in as many rounds as possible, but that can only be done with judging contributions from your respective debating communities. It is preferable that parents of debaters who do not have prior judging experience act solely as spectators, not as adjudicators, in order to avoid bias. We ask that you please rank your judges from 1-5 in the appropriate box in the table below (5 being an incredibly experienced judge; 1 being a relatively inexperienced judge) to help us with the organization of rounds."