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Iroquois Ridge Debate Tournament 2017

  • Iroquois Ridge High School 1123 Glenashton Drive Oakville, ON, L6H 5M1 Canada (map)

Invitation to Iroquois Ridge Debate Tournament

Dear OSDU Members, Coaches & Students, 

OSDU is happy to pass on the following invitation to the Iroquois Ridge Debate Tournament on April 21 & 22, 2017:

"Dear Debaters, Coaches, and Student Presidents,

We are delighted to invite you to the first ever Ridge Debate Tournament which will be taking place from Friday, April 21st to Saturday, April 22nd. This tournament will consist of 72 teams at Iroquois Ridge High School in Oakville, Ont. and features judges from across the province.

Our tournament is designed to give junior debaters in Grade 9 and 10 more experience and prepare them for bigger tournaments. For this reason, senior debaters in Grades 11 and 12 who have broke to open rounds at Hart House, Western, Queen’s, McGill, or the provincial Oxford Cup are not eligible to compete at this event. All debaters in grade 9 and 10 are welcome, regardless of break experience. Senior debaters are encouraged to judge the tournament.

The Ridge Debate Tournament will feature 5 rounds of guaranteed high-quality Canadian Parliamentary (CP) debate, breaking to hidden quarterfinals and then open semifinals and finals. Awards will be given out to semifinalists, finalists, and the top-10 speakers at the event. We will also be giving out the “Curry-Eden Achievement Award” to the best placing speaker who is attending their first tournament. The award honours the CAs who introduced debate to IRHS.

The tournament aims to deliver very high quality judges and motions. It has recruited an Adjudication Core from seven different institutions to make this possible. All motions will go through a scrupulous vetting process and must be approved two weeks before the tournament. We hope to ensure this eliminates the possibility of bad motions and maximizes the pleasure of junior competitors this event.

Registration for this event is due Thursday, March 9th. Fees of $90/team must be paid and the names of both debaters and judges must be confirmed by this date.

We look forward to welcoming you to The Ridge this upcoming April!

Yours Sincerely,

The Ridge Debate Organization Committee



Clubs are able to register teams by emailing The registration deadline is March 9th, 2017. In order to receive spots, we must also receive full payment and all waivers by the deadline

The registration fee will be $90 per team (or $45 per debater). Coaches and judges are not required to pay fees. All cheques can be made payable to: “Iroquois Ridge High School” and mailed to the school. Mailing address:

Ridge Debate Club
Mr. J. Schaffer
Iroquois Ridge High School
1123 Glenashton Drive
Oakville, ON L6H 5M1

There will be a soft team cap of eight (8) teams per institution. Each institution is required to register (1) judge for every (2) teams they send to the tournament. Judges may be coaches or parents but senior debaters are preferred. Additional teams may be requested by institutions at the time of registration and will be confirmed after the final registration deadline.

All judges must register at the link below:

Debate Format

All rounds will be taking place in traditional straight-link Canadian Parliamentary (CP) style debate. Below is a style guide:

Prime Minister (7 Minutes) - The goal of the Prime Minister speech is to define the terms of the debate by putting forward the model. From there the speaker is expected to give two to four arguments defending the motion.

Member of Opposition (7 minutes) - The Role of the Member of Opposition speech is to briefly refute the arguments made by the Prime Minister in the previous speech and challenge the model if necessary. The speaker is also expected to raise two to four arguments outlining why the motion must fall.

Minister of the Crown (7 minutes) - If the speaker intends on bringing forward a new argument it is highly recommended that this be done towards the beginning of the speech in order for the other side to have appropriate time to respond. The speaker is expected to refute the arguments made by the previous speaker and rebuild the arguments made by their partner.

Leader of Opposition (10 minutes) - In this speech it is highly discouraged that speakers introduce new arguments to the debate as it is unfair to the government team however new refutation and new analysis (within reason) is permissible. This speaker is to refute the arguments made by the government bench as a whole and rebuild the constructive material brought up by their partner. Towards the end of the speech, it is expected that this speaker summarize the round into themes and outline why the opposition bench has won the debate.

Prime Minister Rebuttal (3 minutes) - The Prime Minister returns to the floor to deliver a summary speech outlining the key points of clash that occurred in the round and why their team has won on that clash. No new material is to be brought up in this speech.

There are two variations to Canadian Parliamentary Style that will be allowed at the Ridge Debate Tournament.

  1. LO - Split: Opposition teams can chose to do an LO split where instead of a 10 minute speech the Leader of Opposition gives a 7 minute speech after which the Member of Opposition returns to the floor and gives a 3 minute summary speech, before the PMR.
  2. PMRE: Government teams can elect to have a Prime Minister's Rebuttal Extension in which one minute is removed from the Prime Minister speech and is added onto their rebuttal speech. This means the PM speech is 6 min and the rebuttal speech becomes 4 min. In PMRE, protected time in the PM substantive is only 30 seconds at the start and end of the speech.

Teams must indicate before the round starts if they are electing to use LO split or PMRE. Note: There will be no prepared resolution for this tournament. All motions will be impromptu.

Adjudication Team

The Ridge Debate Tournament is proud to announce Chief Adjudicators Ethan Curry and Zeus Eden. Both have many years of debate experience. Ethan will chair the motions committee; he is the top first year debater on the Canadian university debate circuit and was the past president of the Ridge Debate Club. Zeus will chair the judging committee; he has broke at various tournaments in the high school circuit and has served as a member of the executive at Ridge Debate for the past 3 years.

The CAs will be joined by Deputy Chief Adjudicators Gautier Boyrie (WOSS), Selina Li (Bayview), James Coady (Hart House), and Assistant Chief Adjudicator Sophie Wu (IRHS). Our adjudication core is dedicated to ensure that the tournament has high quality judges and motions in order for new debaters to gain quality debate experience.

Find the full biographies of our Adjudication Core and other announcements on the Ridge Debate Tournament Facebook page found here:


Every room at this tournament is expected to receive high-quality judging. However, in order for this tournament to run on time, judges will be limited to a maximum time of 15 minutes to reach a decision and send their ballots to the tabs room. Judges will also have an additional 10 minutes afterwards to give feedback to the debaters.

The Adj Core is creating panels of two judges, to maximize the number of rooms that benefit from panel judging. So, if no consensus can be reached after 15 minutes of deliberation, the chair is expected to make the final call. The chair also determines speaker scores, consulting the scoring guide released at the Judges’ Briefing.

To further increase the efficiency of our tabs room, we are also encouraging all judges with smartphones to take pictures of their ballots and email them to the tabs room as soon as a decision has been made. EMAIL with subject TABS.

**Judges who opt out of this process will be responsible for delivering their ballots to the tabs room after giving feedback to the debaters.


The Ridge Debate Tournament is committed to promoting a safe, fun, and comfortable environment for all competitors. Equity is an important part of that promise. Debaters who feel they have been personally attacked by another competitor due to their race, ethnicity, religion, colour, gender, sexual orientation, or disability are encouraged to seek redress.

We are committed to taking action on equity violations, including giving verbal warnings to offenders and if necessary, removing repeat offenders from the event. Any equity violations over the course of the tournament can be referred to with subject EQUITY. You can also approach Stephen Milek (IRHS Vice-President), who will be the Equity Officer at this tournament.


Our tabs director at this tournament will be Jessica Meng. She has taken calculus and accounting at the Ridge and is for all intents and purposes IS a Google Sheets ® professional. She is developing formulas to determine pairings and judge bracketing and is excited to take part in her first debate event. Brackets will be folded for the first three rounds at this tournament. School protection will not be enforced. Judge protection will be in-place for in rounds. Any other questions concerning tabs should be directed to the Chief Adjudicators.



3:00-4:30PM – Day 1 Registration (In the Forum)

4:30-5:15PM – Debater and Judges Briefings (In Studio Theatre/Staff Room)

5:15-6:00PM – Dinner to be served in the cafeteria

6:00-6:15PM – Draw for Round #1 (General Assembly)

6:15-7:30PM – Round #1

7:30-8:00PM – Break for all Debaters and Judges (cookies served)

8:00-8:15PM – Draw for Round #2 (General Assembly)

8:15-9:30PM – Round #2


8:00-8:45 AM – Day 2 Debater Check-In (In the Forum)

Breakfast - Coffee and Scones to be served

8:45-9:00AM – Draw for Round #3 (General Assembly)

9:00-10:15AM – Round #3

10:30-10:45AM – Draw for Round #4 (General Assembly)

10:45-12:00PM – Round #4 (Closed Adjudication)

12:00-12:45PM – Lunch to be served in the Cafeteria  

12:45-1:00 PM – Draw for Round #5 (General Assembly)

1:00-2:15PM – Round #5 (Hidden Quarter-Finals)

2:15-3:45PM – Break Announcement and Semifinals (Studio Theatre/Library)

3:45-5:15PM – Grand Finals (Studio Theatre)

5:15-6:00PM – Awards Ceremony"


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