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Pickering College 2018 Polikon Pro-Am Debate Tournament

  • Pickering College 16945 Bayview Avenue Newmarket, ON, L3Y 4X2 Canada (map)
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2018 Polikon Pro-Am Debate Tournament

Dear OSDU Members, Teachers, Judges & Coaches, 

OSDU is happy to pass on the following invitation to the Pickering College 2018 Polikon Pro-Am Debate Tournament -- a NON-OSDU EVENT -- on April 12, 2018:

"Dear Debaters, Coaches, and Judges,

We are pleased to invite you to Pickering College for the 2018 Polikon Pro-Am Debate Tournament that will take place on Thursday, April 12th, 2018. This tournament is designed to provide debaters at many levels of experience a chance to develop their skills in an inter-school competition. Detailed tournament information and the registration form can be found on our event webpage:


All teams in this tournament must be pro-am; in other words, teams must consist of one junior debater in grades 7-9 and one senior debater in grades 10-12. This gives junior debaters a chance to learn from older, more experienced debaters. Senior debaters will enjoy debating at a high level while mentoring their younger counterparts in the process.

Each team will compete in three rounds of Canadian Parliamentary debate, with 5-5-5-8-3 speaking times. Round 1 will be impromptu, with 30 minutes of preparation before the round, and Rounds 2 and 3 will be prepared. For the two prepared rounds, each team will have the opportunity to debate as both the Government and Opposition teams. Squirrelling and heckling are both prohibited at this tournament.

Results will be based on speaker point totals, not win-loss records. Awards are given in separate categories to top junior speakers, top senior speakers, top teams, and top schools.

Prepared Resolution:

THW make the study of world religions mandatory in Ontario High Schools.


There will be a cap of 32 teams for this tournament. Schools are invited to send a maximum of 4 teams. However, if your school would like to send more teams, please indicate this on the registration form and we will let you know if more spaces are available after the registration deadline. Please complete the registration on our website by Thursday, March 29th, 2018.

The registration fee is $50 per team ($25 per debater). This includes three rounds of debate, as well as dinner and refreshments. Cheques must be made out to Pickering College (16945 Bayview Avenue, Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 4X2, 905-895-1700).


Each school must bring at least one judge for every two teams. Judges can be debate coaches, parents, teachers, or experienced senior debaters. Each school’s primary accompanying coach is encouraged to judge; this way, we can maximize expertise on our judging panels. However, no judging experience is required, and there will be a detailed judge’s briefing before the debate rounds begin. If you are able to send more judges, please indicate this on the registration form; this will help us tremendously!


Dinner will be served at this tournament. Refreshments will also be available throughout the tournament for both competitors and judges. Dietary restrictions should be noted on the registration form (vegetarian, kosher, allergies, etc.).

We look forward to welcoming you to Pickering College for this exciting pro-am tournament!

Keith Kupsch

Department Head, English
Polikon Society Head Coach"

DOWNLOAD FILE: Pickering College 2018 Polikon Pro-Am Debate Tournament Invitation